manual sweeper

Large sweepers are very efficient, but in some small streets, large sweepers are very inconvenient. Especially in places where there are many children in the community, it is very dangerous. So in some community streets we need to use manual sweeper, and the quality and use of various aspects of manual sweeper is very important, after all, if manual sweeper is full of rubbish, it will be very bad to break your mood. So if you need to buy manual sweeper, please contact us and we will give you detailed data and reliable guarantee.

manual sweeper
manual sweeper
manual sweeper
manual sweeper
manual sweeper
manual sweeper
manual sweeper
manual sweeper

HST920S manual sweeper

It is extremely efficient for moving and brush cutting of high grass, undergrowth and bushes. The 4-speed gearbox with 1reverse makes the machine perfect in all kinds of terrains. A perfect balance of the cutting unit reduces the workload and provides a good comfort for the driver.

Wide usage

Our grass cutter is widely used in wasteland, orchards, and all kinds of grassy fields

High efficient

You can see the effect of our HGC660 brush cutter, no matter how dense the brush, easy to cut, like a sickle.

Strong shear strength

HGC660 brush cutter, strong shear strength, even thicker shrubs, or small trees can be cut easily.

Product Name: manual sweeper


hopper capacity with filter:40L

sweeping width:920mm

Brush: Front side brushes+Roller brush

FunctionAll kinds of small pieces sand,dust fine, grain ,etc

package size:890*810*400mm

20ft/40ft/40HQ: 84/160/200pcs


If you have special requirements, please contact us


Product advantages

(1)Ideal replacement for manual sweeper.
(2)Maximize sweeping speed to over 3680 square meter per hour-10 times faster than a manual broom!
(3)Light weight design for simple maneuverability, yet durable.
(4)Large,non-making rear wheels and front castor for enhanced mobility.
(5)Collapsible handle for storage in small areas.
(6)Compact design goes through any standard door.
(7)Can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.
(8)Unique Quadra Brush System for greater cleaning efficiency.

Product sales

Extremely easy to use

To push, carry, and store. Brushes on both sides rotate inwards depositing debris into the large hopper.

Works on wet or dry debris

Sweeps up dry,wet,coarse and fine materials.Even leaves,stones,cigarette butts,paper,beverage cans, cups,broken glass,large debris,sand,stone and dirt

Large capacity hopper

Small sweeper with large hopper and empties easily, removable latched container can be taken off, emptied

Works on all surfaces

The height of the broom is continually adjustable so as to ensure optimal distance from the ground.

Ideal for home and business

For driveways, walkways, storefronts, patios, garages, poolside, movie theatres.

Durable, Trouble free, and Easy to Store

Body is made from an impact resistant polymer material
Wear and tear parts can be replaced without tools
3 year warranty for the brushes.

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