log splitter

Powerful log splitter good for residential use.Torsion-resistant steel construction. straightforward to maneuver with handily settled handle and sturdy wheels.mechanically returning ram makes jobs straightforward for single-person use, returning to the beginning position once lever is discharged.Stable,torsion-free all-steel construction.The safe and straightforward thanks to split significant,outsized logs. Ideal for trade use.

log splitter
log splitter
log splitter
log splitter
log splitter
log splitter
log splitter
log splitter

Product advantages

Start Mode: Two types: Recoil start and Electric start, More convenient.

Control valve:Auto-Return, fit on side of cylinder, easy operate and more safety.

Unique design:Strengthen the friction and fixing effect and also Good-looking appearance.

Product Name: log splitter

Pre-sales Service

(1)Professionals technicians will be send to help you with installment & adjustment to make sure the machine use well ASAP.

(2)After all, the machine warranty for 2 years, all accessories completed.

(3)Any question will be solved with professionals technicians in 24h by calling or emailing.

After-sales Service

(1)Buyers requirements: according to the users’ feedback, to analysis the reason of the problem, do right maintenance and the matched spare parts.

(2)Developing a precaution system, making sure the troubleshoot be solved in first time.

(3)If users are false or improper use, can call us directly, we will be pay a return visit in the first time, to give you the guide correctly.

If you have special requirements, please contact us


When you hear the word “log splitter”, you may think of the yard artificial turf or lawn fence at the first time. But you may be surprised to find that the original artificial grass can also be used indoors. Is it not perfect for sports fans to put their own artificial grass carpet Indoors at home? Whether it is fitness or children playing on the lawn. With log splitters, the weather can no longer limit your activities, you can play golf at any time! Whether it is to practice your skills or simply enjoy the sport, you no longer need to go outside or pray for good weather! And the log splitter has two major advantages:

1. Easy to clean, if the log splitter is dirty, then you can split the lawn and clean it.

2. An log splitter will not attract bugs because it will not become moist.

For the office If you think your office lacks personality and you are looking for a way to make it active, artificial turf is the answer. The lounge that decorates the artificial grassland will suddenly turn this area into a creative place, come up with ideas and share ideas. No doubt your guests will be impressed. Because log splitters will never make guests feel dirty.

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